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Updated: October 2018

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Before using the app, you need to agree to how the app handles user data. Below we use the question and answer form to explain:

Q: How does the application developer (hereafter referred to as us) handle the content generated by the user (hereafter referred to as you) in the application?

A: We only maintain your content in the storage space provided by the operating system to the application. We will not collect or transmit any content unless you allow it.

Q: So the app does not collect or transmit any user data?

A: We will use third-party services to assist in the development of applications, including debugging and analytics services, checkout services, and you also need to agree to the privacy policies of these services.

The application uses third-party services with a privacy policy as follows:

Google Play Service


The debug and analysis services collect information about the device, which may include various device features such as IP, device name, operating system version, and the active state of the application.

A cookie is a file with a small amount of data. It is usually anonymously identified by the user and is a file maintained by the network service in the storage space of the device.

The application does not explicitly use these cookies, which means that third-party services may use cookies to communicate with the device. Usually you will know when the cookie is sent to the device and you can choose to accept or reject the cookie. If you reject the cookie, the application-related content may not be working.

Hope this document is concise enough to help understand our privacy policy. For related questions please contact:

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